KLZ-FM Denver Tribute

Bill Clark

Labor Day Weekend 1968

Odie Cloney
from December 4, 1968

Bill Saul

counting down the top hits of 1969, December 31, 1969


KLZ-FM. One of, if not the first FM in Denver, in fact, the whole USA, to play rock & roll. (Actually was one of Denvers first FM's, hitting the air first in the early 40's.)

While they were essentially Top 40, featuring jocks like Max Floyd, Odie Cloney and Bill Saul, KLZ-FM kept away from the teenybopper hits, aiming for a bit more hip version of the top 40, long before these other formats had names.

Max Floyd (on phone) and Bill Gardner, circa 1967

Generally played the LP versions of the hits wherever possible (Light My Fire, Time Has Come Today, etc.) This is the one station on which you could hear the full length "In-a-gadda-da-vida".

One unique contribution of KLZ-FM was their "Teen Line" of which they actually had nothing whatsoever to do with. When you called their request line (remember 244-4658!), for some reason, should you get a busy signal, you could actually talk between the beeps and hear other people talking back! What it would sound like is: "beep...WHAT'S...beep...YOUR...beep...NUMBER?...beep"

For many of us, our first pickup line.

Max Floyd on the air (undated)

The record library (undated and unidentified individuals... possibly Gary Hamilton on the right?)

106.7FM is now the home of KBPI.

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